My child has been muted, what did they do?

You can find the reason for why your child has been muted by visiting your parent dashboard and then selecting the player and scrolling down to the section called "Behaviour"

Below is a brief set of reasons why your child may have been muted, we have a few guidelines to our in-game chat and below are some of the reasons your child may have been muted:

  • Spamming chat: This is excessive repeating of the same/similar phrases in chat. This is disruptive to the other players, can block other players vision and is considered "griefing" (impolite / abusive behavior) in online communities.

  • Inappropriate language: This can vary from calling people names in a malicious manner, to swearing or engaging in romantic conversations. We try to provide a safe and nurturing space for our players to engage in online and we try to eliminate these types of behaviors so our players can be safe online.

  • Giving/asking for personal information: While our chat filters can block most of the keywords when someone is asking for/giving personal information, sometimes information still gets through. This is something we take seriously which is why we monitor chat logs intently. While we understand our younger players use this activity of sharing what state they live in or real names as something to bond over, we try to get on this and stop it as much as possible to protect the player and stop any identifying information from getting out. If your child has been muted for this reason, you may wish to speak to them about the importance of Online Safety.

  • Chat filter subversion: Chat filter subversion (a players persistence to work around chat filters to say things that have specifically been blocked) is a red flag to us and can be a serious issue. While obviously what they are trying to say is key in the situation, chat filter subversion is something we monitor but don't mute solely on, it is usually in conjunction with one of the reasons listed above.

If your child has been muted and you have any questions about this, please contact our moderation team who will be able to give you more information.