I just got an Aetherlight Bible - how can I redeem the codes?

Thanks for supporting us by purchasing The Companion Bible!

You can enter your gift code on our redemption page. After entering the code and clicking "Next" it will take you to a login screen where you can log in as a player or parent, after which you can confirm the redemption of the gift on a player account.
If you have logged in as a parent, you will be shown an option to choose a player to apply the gift code to. (Please note that you need to have associated an existing player with your parent account to use the latter option. To learn about associating player accounts, please refer to this article here)

Once the codes have been entered you can find them on the account you associated the codes with. The Wrench Hammer Plans will be in your Crafting book and the Knights of Old Aethasia Suit pieces will be in your Wardrobe.

If you cannot find these items after successfully redeeming a code, please contact our support team