Starting the Aetherlight on Windows step-by-step

Windows: For the most part Windows machines function the same way.

1- Go to our Downloads page
2- Choose your operating system, which in this case, will be Windows and click Download. At this point, you should start downloading "TheAetherlightSetup.exe" file to your computer
3- Go to where the file was downloaded which should be your "Downloads" folder on your computer and run the installer. (If for some reason the installer does not have permission to start, right click the setup file and click "Run as Administrator." You will be required to enter an Administrators password.)
4- After the install is complete The Aetherlight Launcher will automatically open. Wait for any updates that need to finish, then click on Play to begin the game!

Note: We have noticed that users of McAfee antivirus seem to be experiencing an installation problem so you can try the workarounds below and see if they help. If you aren't using McAfee but are still having problems the options below could still help you:

Option 1. Download and unzip the game 'Launcher' directly
This option lets you download and play the game without installing it. Download the game from this link. Once downloaded, right click on the downloaded zip file and click "Extract All Here". This should unzip the game into the folder where it was downloaded. Clicking on "TheAetherlightLauncher.exe" should then start the game.

Option 2. Temporarily disable your antivirus during the install
The Aetherlight installer may be able to install correctly if you temporarily disable your antivirus real-time scanning. This youtube video demonstrates how to do this with McAfee. If you are using McAfee, you may want to contact them directly for their advice. Their contact details are available from their website

If problems persist please contact our support team.